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Membership and Posting Now Open
blaiderunner wrote in creativecluster
Just thought I'd drop a quick note that membership and posting access are now open. Since this is a forum for the free exchange of ideas, it simply makes sense to lift the restrictions.

If you have any ideas, suggestions, questions, or issues concerning the operation of your creative cluster, please feel free to post them here.

Happy travels!

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Thank you for the invite to the community! I've found it increasingly frustrating that so many creative communities that I find or have joined in the past fall to the wayside. Hopefully we can figure out why this is and change it. :)

Thanks for joining! It's my hope that we can network here as groups and individuals to find out what works for online creative clusters and what doesn't. If you have any questions or suggestions at all, feel free to post at any time!

Thank you for the invitation to this community. I'll be interested to see what a confluence of creative comm organizers have to say about the business of making safespace and supportive space for artists while still getting time and energy for their own artwork as well. I know that's where my community ran aground -- I found I had to spend all my time maintaining the comm, and didn't get enough back out of it to fuel my own creative process.

So; interested to see what folks come up with here.

Thank you for joining!

This is precisely why I formed this community. In fact, you raise a very specific and direct challenge that deserves some consideration. Would you mind if I made a post addressing your question? Or you can post it up if you'd rather. This is intended to be a peer-run group after all. :)

Have at it! I'll be interested in seeing what some of the other peers have to say.

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