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creativecluster's Journal

A Nexus of Travelers on the Artist's Way
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This is an administrative hub for the development and maintenance of Artist Way communities on LJ.
There are several communities on Livejournal who have tried or are trying to dedicate themselves to the endeavor of an online Creative Cluster, as mentioned in the Artist's Way books by Julia Cameron. Sadly, many of these communities have fallen into inactivity, whether due to lack of user interest/commitment, poor management or structure, or simply because of expiration.

The purpose of this community is to gather up administrators, moderators, and members to discuss how to develop and maintain strong community and curriculum for people to practice, share, and grow in the artist's way. Here, we will generate and discuss ideas, structure, and the challenges posed to our creative clusters. This is a behind-the-scenes kind of faculty think-tank area where we can work out solutions and open a suggestion box.