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Creative Clusters Guide (part 3)
blaiderunner wrote in creativecluster
A Word to Therapists, Teachers, Writing INstructors and Other Artist's Way Group Leaders. Thank you for the wonderful work you do. While I know that many of you are using The Artist's Way to run groups, I hope and expect that you will go on to explore your own interests using The Artist's Way for your process also. I encourage you to follow your own creative vision, to strive for your own True North. You will find that the facilitation process continues your own growth experience.

I cannot state emphatically enough that The Artist's Way fame and path should not be used in ways that differ substantially from the Artist's Way techniques as spelled out in the book. I have tested the tools for a decade and a half in order to find them roadworthy. I ask that you refrain from presenting yourselves publicly as Artist's Way "experts," though you may use the book within your practice. I ask that you remember that the wisdom of The Artist's Way is a collective, non-hierarchical experience. I have heard of abuses of this principle, such as a group leader's requiring the Morning Pages to be read in the group. This is not in the spirit of the book. Facilitated groups should "graduate" into free, peer-run clusters.

A Word to Therapeutic Clients. Please remember that the book itself remains the primary source of the Artist's Way teachings, and that it is your interpretation, and your work with the book and its tools, that are central to you in your recovery. I remind you that the work is your own, not just something done under the influence of a magic teacher. Please "own" your recovery as your recovery.

Thank you. I am delighted The Artist's Way is used in the many contexts in which it is (such as in colleges and universities, by therapists, and by peer-run clusters). I again offer the reminder that The Artist's Way is intended to be used in keeping with the spirit of the book, as written. There is always the book itself to refer to. This is an individual's journey that may be facilitated by the group process. If you cannot find or start a group, consider you and the book to constitute one!

Pass It On.  To those forming a peer-run cluster, you do not need to make the Artist's Way a moneymaking venture, for me or for you. If you follow the spiritual practice of tithing, I recommend buying the book and passing it on.

- pgs. 275, 276 from Finding Water: The Art of Perseverence, copyright 2006 by Julia Cameron


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