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Solid Snaking it in the Bush
blaiderunner wrote in creativecluster
Hello, any and all!

So the experiment I mentioned in the previous entry wasn't an entire failure, though I ended up deleting it... I just got a better idea.

I've created my first real book-based creative cluster at a_spiral_path and am coming back from a slacker-style hiatus. I think the format I've set up will work best if I can get more people on board to co-moderate.

If anyone here is interested, I'm signing people up by the week. Basically, if you do morning pages religiously, you could host a week on a_spiral_path with nary a debit to your time. Starting Sunday, we'll begin Week 3 of The Artist's Way, which I'll be hosting.

All you gotta do for the week you host, is post a couple of that chapter's tasks in the morning right after your morning pages and you're done! Feel free to participate, of course, and come back later to answer those questions in the comments of that day's post if you like.

Not interested in hosting OR posting comments? That's fine too. I have two other members right now who seem content to just watch as I go solo through the program at the comm. If you just want to follow along in your own journal, that works. However, I know there are some seasoned vets watching this space and it would be great if I could have some dancing partners. :)



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